I am certain you can see from exploring my blog, that I’m highly selective on what I post on Duchess of Vegan and its corresponding social platforms. I only share info with you about travel destinations, vegan products, food, and items that I truly believe in. Living an authentic life is very important to me, so all opinions are my own.

I have no medical or nutritional training and do not promote veganism for health purposes.  I promote veganism to support the end of cruelty, suffering, abuse, killing, imprisonment, trafficking and exploitation of animals.

I filter out spammy comments and those using inappropriate language (bullying/cruelty/anti-vegan).  It’s rare that I delete a comment but if it is offensive I will, without notice, as I am the owner of this little corner kingdom of the internet and reserve the right to do with comments as I feel necessary to keep my blog the kind and compassionate place that it is.

If I happen to use content, such as images, that belong to someone else, I always link to them to give them credit for their work.  I ask that you do the same for me, if you use any of my content, which I encourage you to do.  I’m all about getting the vegan message out there in front of as many eyes as possible.

I use Google Analytics to get a better sense of my viewers experience on my site.  If you’re unfamiliar with this free Google service, it tracks my website traffic information and allows me to review it in graphs and charts.  Your personal information isn’t recorded, just general info that helps me to keep getting better at creating content my readers want.

If you subscibe, and I hope you will, I do require your first name so that I can address my emails to you.  I just like being on a first name basis.  I also ask for your email address so that I know where to send the email to.  I never share this info with anyone else, and never will.  Your privacy matters to me.

So glad you’re here,