Guide to Greater Philadelphia’s Vegan Scene (part 2)

Like Salem (Salem vegan travel guide here), Philadelphia is an essential travel destination for exploring America’s history.  You’ll work up an appetite visiting the Liberty Bell, doing a Rocky, taking in the architecture, touring the old Eastern State Penitentiary, and visiting the tomb of the unknown soldier. 

Last week I shared part 1 of this guide which focused on the 13 fully vegan eateries in the city of Philadelphia (here).  The post was so long that I had to break it into two, so part 2 focuses on vegan friendly activities around Philly and the fully vegan restaurants in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Hope you like it!!!


kawaii cat cafe philadelphia vegan
(sourced from Kawaii Kitty Cafe’s Instagram)

KAWAII KITTY CAFE offers vegan baked goods from Crust Vegan Bakery (Insta here) and Dottie’s Donuts (read about them in my part 1 here).   This is the cutest kitty cafe I’ve ever seen.  So cute that you may feel as though you’ve unknowingly travelled to Japan.  Could you imagine coming here on a date?  #couplegoals

Website Here


Miss Rachel's Pantry Vegan Philadelphia
(sourced from Miss Rachel’s Pantry’s Instagram)

MISS RACHEL’S PANTRY is a fully vegan caterer that offers vegan cooking classes and several dinners each month.  The dinners sound very unique as they are in the style of a dinner party, as everyone sits together at one large table.  Definately for you extroverts and those looking to meet other vegans.

Website Here


vegan treats philadelphia vegan bakery
(sourced from Vegan Treats’ Instagram)

VEGAN TREATS BAKERY is located in rural Bethlehem, PA.  This is a destination bakery located 90 minutes North of Philadelphia.  This award winning fully vegan bakery is worth the drive.  Look at those gorgeous baked goods!  They were recently named one of the top 10 bakeries in the world by American Express.  Also, they have a unique vibe.

Website Here

Flora vegan restaurant philadelphia
(sourced from Flora’s Instagram)

FLORA is a small BYOB fully vegan restaurant that focuses on seasonal whole food cuisine.  Their pancakes look amazing.  Flora is located about 40 minutes North of Philadelphia.

Website Here

Luhv vegan bistro philadelphia
(sourced from Luhv’s Instagram)

LUHV FACTORY & VEGAN BISTRO is a fully vegan quick service restaurant located about 45 minutes North of Philadelphia.  They focus on simple comfort foods packed with flavor — burgers, hearty soups,  garlic bread, salads and sandwiches.  They change up their menu daily and sell their soups and burgers at grocery stores around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

Website Here

Ganster Vegan Restaurant Philadelphia
(sourced from Gangster Vegan’s Instagram)

GANGSTER VEGAN ORGANICS has two locations, both Northwest of Philadelphia, that are fully vegan, as well as organic, gluten-free, and soy-free.    The dishes on their menu are whole vibrant plant food.  They also make gorgeous fresh juices and offer many raw items such as Chocolate Banana Tart and Strawberry Lemon Tart.  What really impresses me though, they are some talented drizzlers of yummy looking sauces.

Website Here

greyhound vegan cafe philadelphia
(sourced from Greyhound Cafe’s Instagram)

THE GREYHOUND CAFE is a fully vegan cafe located Northwest of Philadelphia and blends Italian and Mexican cuisine.  Their brunch includes Sofritos, Fried Chick’n Fried Cauliflower and Waffles, and Pancakes.  They also offer Savory Seitan Cheesesteak, Buffalo Chick’n Pizza, and Grilled Enchiladas.

Website Here


Batter and Crumbs vegan bakery philadelphia
(sourced from Batter & Crumb’s Instagram)

BATTER & CRUMBS CAFE will be opening January 2018.  Until the location is unveiled, you can find their enchanted treats all over the Greater Philadelphia area (list here), or better yet, have them delivered to you.  What I’m most excited about though, is that they are in the development stages of shipping their treats.  I can’t wait to place my first order!

Website Here

Have you visited Philadelphia?  Do you have a fav place to eat or tips to share?  Please leave them below as they help me and others who read this post.

Be sure to read part 1 (here) of this guide which focuses on vegan restaurants in the city of Philadelphia.

Happy Travels,


(featured images sourced from Vegan Treats, Miss Rachel’s Pantry, Batter and Crumbs Instagram)

One thought

  1. Great guide, I see many of my faves especially Vegan Treats! I heard today BurgerFi will be adding Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger to the menu as of July 3!



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