Groot is a Vegan Leader

Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan

In the rare moment when a vegan appears on a screen, they are usually there to poke fun at.  Groot has broken through the barrier and is the greatest embodiment of veganism to ever come to the silver screen.  Here’s why…

Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan
(Screenshot from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Groot knows that saving the world requires:

Non-attachment to ego  

Groot has no shadows and is not in resistance.  Therefore he is unaffected when others put him down with accusations that he is unintelligent due to his limited vocabulary and calm of being.  The reality is that Groot is a Zen master fully integrated into his authentic self at all moments.

Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan
(Screenshot from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Teamwork through the cultivation of true friendship and unconditional love

The moment when Groot selflessly wrapped his friends in his branches and made a lump swell in all of our throats as he uttered “We are Groot” is the greatest example of his enlightenment.
Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan

And using your strengths to empower others

Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan
(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Groot is the living essence of veganism, as he leads with his compassion

Groot shares kindness and compassion with those in need.

Our hearts said a collective “awww” when our hero grew a flower on his hand to give a poor little girl.  He is aware that he cannot fix her entire circumstance but he knows that he can give her a moment of feeling loved and important.
Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan
(Screenshot from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Groot is a minimalist who cuts through the unnecessary and gets straight to the point.

Remember when Groot grew tall so he could disable the watchtower in the prison to help his friends escape?
Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan

Groot has a deep connection to the universal consciousness.

When Groot utters continuously “I am Groot” and ultimately “We are Groot” he is speaking volumes.  All that is, is one.  We are all one with the Universal Consciousness whether a human, a piece of amethyst, a manatee, a grasshopper or a drop of dew on a leaf.  Groot has achieved alignment with his authentic self.
Groot is opposed to cruelty and exploitation.
Sure Groot is on a plant-based vegan diet, primarily made up of his own leaves but he is also the embodiment of veganism.  He is empathetic to Rocket’s history and horrified by the animal fighting/killing.  He is visibly shaken when he sees that the “Collector” is holding sentient beings hostage in tanks.

Groot is Vegan - Duchess Of Vegan

Rocket is an ambassador for all victimized animals

As a vegan and animal rights activist, I want to rescue Rocket.  Love him and protect him.  Give him the opportunity to rehabilitate, relearn trust and to just be an animal.

I love what Rocket symbolizes.  Like most animals, Rocket has been exploited, imprisoned, abused and tortured by people.  Just like if this happened to a human, he has suffered pain, fear, neglect, depression, lack of self-worth and despair.  Animal victims of the food, breeding, wildlife trafficking, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, research, Chinese medicine, hunting, poaching and entertainment industries suffer the same traumas.

And just like Rocket, those same exploited animals are then blamed for their circumstances.  Rocket is called a freak, a rodent, vermin, etc.  Just as humans have decided collectively to categorize animals as “pets”, “pests”, “food”, “mutts”, “lab rats”, “ingredients”, etc.  This is not unlike humans being blamed for being victimized and then labeled as such.

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