Vegan Products Being Released in 2017

2017 will be raining delicious and innovative vegan foods from all of our favorite companies, like a basket of gifts from a mermaid unicorn.  Let’s drool together and fantasize about the day they appear like a mirage on the grocery store shelves.


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The wizards of Field Roast are giving us even more gifts this year.  If there is a god, the mini-corn dogs will be stuffed with small versions of Field Roast’s famous frankfurters.  Are you also imagining the utter joy of dipping the Fruffalo Wings into Hampton Creek’s Just Ranch?

In addition to all the yum pictured above, they are also releasing three new seasonal sausages — Bratwurst, Lil’ Smokies and Hawaiian.


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For the past few years, vegan companies have started to release seasonal treats.  This was a missing element in our world, so I’m overjoyed that Daiya has taken the initative to create a Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake.  Add it to your Thanksgiving menu now and start looking for it in early October.  You know this is going to be the most coveted vegan item for the holiday season.

I’m also thrilled that they are releasing packages of their cheese sauce.  I know the photo shows the healthy option of broccoli, but I’m going to pour it on nachos.  Just being honest.



This is a significant thrill and I love that Lightlife is taking the initiative to fill this gap in the market.  Of course there is Rising Moon Organics and Soy Boy, but none have the protein content or complex flavors that Lightlife is offering.



Not just beer glaze.  Extra Special Beer Glaze.  Love it!  Tofurky has hit it out of the park with the packaging on this one, right down to the string.  This looks like something that would hang in a vegan butcher shop.  Beyond the artisan appeal, I’ve read that it is a salty delight.



If you’ve tried Sweet Earth’s Farmstand Flaxbread Vegan Breakfast Sandwich (which is amazing! Check out my review here), then you know how delicious the Harmless Ham is.  This year, you’ll be able to buy it as deli slices.  Sweet Earth is also releasing several bowl meals, including Pad Thai.


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I know.  The Beyond Burger has been heavily marketed for at least half a year and is already in many stores in the Colorado area, but it still hasn’t seen national release.  Until then, it’s on the list and in my dreams.



Cocomels are one of my favorite treats.  In the winter, I add them to my cup of hot cocoa.  They melt into a delicious latte-like goo.  I also like to chop them up and add them to chocolate chip cookie dough or as a topping for ice cream.

On a few occasions, I attempted to cover them with melted chocolate, thinking I would suddenly channel the skill-level of a French chocolatier..  I didn’t.  So I audibly gasped with joy when I saw the pic above.



Hmm…vegan ricotta made from almonds.  This will definately find its way into a butternut squash lasagna during my 2017.


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I love pourable things.  I like to let vegan companies be my prep cooks.  Don’t make me dirty a bowl and have to add things, when you could do that for me.  Follow Your Heart gets it!  And vegan brunch will be forever changed once the pourable VeganEgg and Rocket Cakes are released.

I can’t wait to wake up on a Sunday morning, whip up a quick and easy breakfast in the same time it takes my coffeemaker to do its job, and flop on the couch with a plate of deliciousness to accompany my YouTube binge.

Also, I’m not a yogurt person but with a flavor like Strawberry Rhubarb, I may become one.  Makes me want to put on a pair of denim overalls.


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There are a lot of reasons to envy Brits.  Violife is one of them.  But this year, Violife is finally coming to the US.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the famous parmesan which is supposed to be highly authentic.


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Check out those flavors.  I’m going to have to eat them together.



2017 means that soon, only one minute of prep is all that stands between you and vegan Cheesy Bacon Mac.


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I’ve been dreaming these up for years and am so thrilled that they are being offered with the dark chocolate ice cream.



I’m looking forward to the day when I can buy a half gallon container of plant milk with 20g Protein per serving for only $5.  For now, Bolthouse Farms new 10g of Protein per serving will do.



Everything about this looks amazing!!!  I cannot wait to devour a freezer full of them. I love that they go the extra mile by making this a great protein source.

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