Romantic Vegan Valentine Gift Ideas

In these times it is more important than ever to celebrate love and compassion.  So on Valentine’s Day this year, go full throttle, show your special someone how much they mean to you.  Below are some vegan ideas to get you started.

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Spending time alone in the oasis of the bathroom, listening to music, or a podcast, and soaking in a fizzy tub is a worth while investment in stress reduction.  If the person you love has a job they hate, has been upset about the news, or feeling tense for any other reason under the sun, a beautiful spa set might be the right gift to trigger them into some overdue self-care.

1, 2 & 3 from Whimsy By Lindsay – Available here

4 & 5 from Dirty Vegans – Available here


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These cards are everything.  Upon seeing #4, I immediately decided that if I had kids I would create a Vegan Unicorn character to bring them baskets of vegan goodies every year.  Just think of all of the fun lore you could imagine up.

1 & 4 from For Vegans – Available here

2 from Betty Turbo – Available here

3 from Studio Boketto – Available here


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I know.  You and your partner already have a cupboard full of mugs.  In fact, you planned to purge at least half of them in January when you were obsessively watching minimalism videos and determined to Kon-Mari your whole apartment.  But surely one of these vegan-centric mugs can replace what is already there.  Just think of your loved one pouring coffee and almond milk into one of these.

1 from Foxy Mug – Available here

2 from Bees Mug Shop – Available here


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Giving chocolates may sound cliche, but these options are anything but.  When was the last time you saw a box of vegan white chocolates?

All of the options in the photo above are beautiful but it’s likely that #4 has stood out to you.  Here’s what Hudson Valley vegan chocolatier Lagusta’s Luscious has to say about their creation, “there is an awful lot of penis-shaped chocolate out there, and we here at Lagusta’s Luscious feel it is our duty to do something to correct that imbalance.  Furthermore, in ancient Mesoamerica where cacao came from, cacao pods were a symbol of female deities.”

1 & 3 from Lavinia Wilson’s Chocolate – Available here

2 from Whelpdale Chocolates – Available here

4 from Lagusta’s Luscious – Available here


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Depending upon your intimacy level, these vegan pillows might be just the thing to gently suggest…um…moving things to the bedroom.

1 from Creative Pillow LV – Available here

2 from Evelyn Hope Collection – Available here


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There are a surprising amount of vegan Champagnes, and sparkling wines, out there!  Thankfully we vegans have, the essential vegan survival website, Barnivore to guide us while stand awkwardly in the liquor store.

Barnivore –Available here



Wait.  We already did spa sets.  Yes we did, but Lush bath bombs are their own category.

Keep in mind that only 80% of their products are vegan.  So be sure to look for the vegan symbol before adding to your cart.

1, 3 & 5 – Available here

2, 4 & 6 – Available here



If you follow me on Instagram, and you really should (follow here), you saw that, for my birthday, my husband got me a Sirabella’s cheesecake.

Believe the hype!  This cheesecake is the closest vegan option to a traditional NY-style cheesecake.  The Sirabella’s team must be employing alchemists.  Every bite of dense-creamy-silky cheesecake and thick-moist graham cracker crust is a plunge further into foodgasm.

Available here


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The fastest way to a vegan’s heart is with gourmet vegan cheese.  There are many brands out there but two soft cheeses that we all tend to drool over are Miyoko’s Kitchen and Treeline Cheese.  They’ll look beautiful on the marble and wood cheeseboard you got at Christmas.  If you’re planning for a romantic night in, vegan cheese should be your appetizer.

1, 2, 3 & 4 from Miyoko’s Kitchen – Available here

5 & 6 from Treeline Cheese – Available here



Want everyone to know you are a couple?  No one has ever eaten a macaron without first Instagramming pics of them.  Clearly you’ll get tagged as the giver of this rare and highly coveted gift.  All of your date’s friends will comment and heart the pic.  All of that positive feedback will surely earn you relationship status.

Available here



Sweet Spot Minis takes donuts to another level.  Flavors include pink champagne, chocolate chip cookie dough truffle, sea salt caramel, chocolate covered strawberry and cinnamon roll.  They are the loveliest way to say good morning to your Valentine.

Available here


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Set the mood with vegan handmade candles.  A great choice for new relationships and for crushes.

1 from Soy Much Brighter – Available here

2 from Sea Grape Soap – Available here

3 from Vance Family Candles – Available here 


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Mainstream perfume is tested by pouring it into the eyes of animals.  They are also made of animals and are filled with toxins.  These options scream I love you enough to save animals.

1 from Pacifica – Available here

2 from Luch – Available here


(via) (via) (via) (via) (via) #5 is made with vegan leather.

Mainstream lingerie is often made with silk, which obviously isn’t vegan.  The options in the pics above are all free of animals.

1 & 2 from Purrfect Pineapples – Available here and here

3 from Happy Head Tees – Available here

4 from Vegan Police – Available here 

5 from Frederick’s of Hollywood – Available here

6 from Primrose and Pixie – Available here

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