Strong Hearts Cafe, Vegan Review

There’s really nothing like the feeling that washes over me when I walk into a vegan restaurant.  The glee that I can order anything on the menu, not just that one thing that can be veganized if the waiter understands what vegan means.  I have to fight to hold in my emotions.  My normally introverted (and admittedly uptight) self wants to hug everyone in the space and burst outloud how excited I am to be amongst strangers who also want to prevent animal cruelty.  People who, like me, love animals so dearly that they can’t bare the thought of them needlessly suffering when there is a world filled with plants that can be eaten instead.  I hope you get to experience this too — and hopefully regularly.

Strong Hearts Cafe is a famous vegan restaurant in Syracuse, NY, with two locations. It’s know for incredible vegan food ranging from comfort to healthy to indulgent.  The best part is that they are reasonably priced, community-and-environmentally focused, and they serve up large portions.  The staff is genuinely welcoming and their strong reputation draws in a vast demographic of patrons.

Okay, enough talk.  Ready to foodgasm?

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ The space is warm and casual. A cozy place to wander into and relax with incredible cruelty-free food.
Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ The Chipotle Redskin Potato Salad is zesty with a solid, mayonaisey base.  Like all of their dishes, the ingredients all work together like magic. Strong Heart’s Macaroni Salad is a classic accompaniment to any sandwich.

They have a huge milkshake menu.  I ordered the Caramel Cookie Dough milkshake — it tastes like cake batter!!!  It’s what I imagine a river in heaven would taste like.  It’s ruined me for all other beverages — nothing will ever satisfy me again.

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ Look at this super cheesy vegan grilled cheese!!!

There are loads of options for modifying their Grilled Cheese.  I went with adding Tofurky deli slices and sliced tomato.  I love that they do multiple layers of Daiya cheddar and mozzarella.  YUM!!!  The grilled home-style bread is buttery and flaky.  Typically, I could eat a couple of Grilled Cheese sandwiches, but this is a substantial full meal.

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Mmmm…The Rueben.  Warm saurkraut — tangy yet not overpowering.  Shaved deli-style seitan.  Buttery Toasted rye.  Creamy homemade Thousand Island dressing.  All of the flavors come together as a team to enrapture your tastebuds without competing for dominance.

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ Ordered three of this Chick’n Parm sub.  One to eat there and two to take home. (Wish we ordered more though.)  I had to force myself to eat it slowly so I could make this festival in my mouth last as long as possible.

The Chick’n Parm Sub is robust, savory and rivals the aroma of the most authentic Italian restaurants.  The texture of the house-made Chick’n tenders is deliciously chewy yet velvety soft and delectable with a delightfully moist mouthiness.  The batter coating is crisp with a hearty crunch and the tomato sauce must have been made with vine ripened heirloom tomatoes.  Melted Daiya mozzarella browned to perfection tops it off, and its all lovingly stacked on a rustic ciabatta.

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Strong Hearts Cafe ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ OMG these cupcakes! Sooo flavorful. I wanted to smoosh them all into my face.


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4 thoughts

  1. I feel the same way about vegan restaurants! It’s just so nice not having to worry about what’s in your food for once. And wow, the food looks amazing..I want that grilled cheese!



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