Vegan Halloween Tips

I love the joyous anxiety of a month of binging on horror movies, scaring myself with Creepypastas, carving jack o’ lanterns on the kitchen floor with my husband and our rescue kitties (check out their Instagram), and going on haunted history tours (like the midnight lantern tour I took at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Most of Halloween is already vegan.  So it only takes a little bit of adjustment to make the season cruelty-free.  Here are some easy ways to veganize your Hallow’s Eve.


Obviously, skip any costumes that are disparaging to animals and skip costumes that include animal products like leather, fur, wool/felt, silk and feathers.  There are lots of vegan make-up companies, so no need to use anything tested on animals or containing animals.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ My all time favorite vegan costume! (psst…if you know the origin of this pic, let me know so I can credit her.)

I like ELF for Halloween because they’re products are inexpensive.  They even sell Halloween makeup kits for different traditional costumes.

Order directly from their site here or from Amazon

And for hair, there are loads of hair product companies that also don’t harm animals.  My favorite is Giovanni.  They have a great line of styling products that are reasonably priced.

Order directly from their site here or from Amazon


When I see Halloween decorations with black cats, rats, snakes, spiders, crows and bats, I’m always struck by the disconnect.  I try to take a step back and remind myself that the people likely do not realize that they are perpetuating the stereotype that these innocent animals are something to fear and to hate.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ A quick search on Pinterest found all of these decor ideas an no animals involved. Bonus: Most of these ideas can be done really inexpensively with items you likely already have.

Spiders do, admittedly, freak me out when I find them in the shower or near my bed.  When it happens I call my vegan husband in and he carefully removes them.  He lectures me about how great spiders are in the house because they eat bugs.  He’s absolutely right and I’m grateful that he safely transports them outside rather than killing them as most people do.

Crows are highly intelligent animals and awesome characters.  Check out how cute the one in the video below is with playing ball with his human and his German Shephard.

Remember last year when the internet collectively fell in love with the crows that bring gifts to the little girl in the video below? L♥VE!

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ Look at this super cute bat house.  You can learn how to help bats, whom are on the decline due to Monsanto, by installing a bat house on your property. (via)

A non-vegan recently complained to me that his wife wanted to install a bat house on their property.  I was elated and said “That’s wonderful!  Bats are adorable!”  He replied “ughick, they’re disgusting!”  WHAT?!?!?  Are the baby bats in the video below disgusting?  No, they are everything!  Like bees and monarch butterflies, they are essential pollinators in our ecosystem.  Without them we wouldn’t have food to eat.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ I love this photo series of adorable rats by Ellen Van Deelan.  Such effective activism.

Rats are one of the most abused animals in our society, along with birds.  Rats are treated without dignity.  Experimented on. Caught in glue traps.  Blamed for spreading disease.  Fed to imprisoned snakes by idiots who feel a need to have dominion over animals.  Rats are lovely, highly intelligent, little animals in the same family as squirrels, guinea pigs and rabbits.  I’ve had two friends with big enough hearts to rescue and provide loving homes to rats.


Halloween, like any occasion when there is a lot of commotion at home, can be a confusing and scary time for your animals.  So make sure they have their own retreat that is safe, comforting, has a hiding place if they need it and includes food/water/litter box/potty breaks.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealistTake it a step further by keeping your black cats (and dogs) in doors, if they go outside, for October.   Smart shelters do not adopt out black cats (and dogs) during the month of October.  A few years ago, I was volunteering at a no-kill shelter around the time of Halloween.  A group of college boys came in asking for a black cat.  They said they didn’t care which one, it just had to be a black cat.  Red flags went off in everyone’s heads and they were asked to leave by shelter staff.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist


There’s so much vegan candy now.  I remember when all I could find were plain whole chocolate bars.  Now we even have bags of candy and some companies have seasonal decor on the bags.  I’ve really missed that.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ The treats I hand out.

If you can’t find any of these locally, try Amazon, Vegan EssentialsNatural Candy Store, Pangea or the companies’ website.

Question of the Day:

What are your vegan Halloween tips?

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