8 Low-Carb Vegan Proteins…you can order online

Achieving a healthy daily protein intake is not difficult as a vegan.  There are loads of whole food and product options for just about everyone’s specific personal dietary needs.

I recently shared 4 High Protein Vegan Snacks that I love and thought that sharing some of my frequently enjoyed low-carb options could be helpful to some.  I hope you find this useful.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


I love adding a scoop of Vega One to my morning smoothie.  The flavors are really delicious (mocha…yum!!!) and mixes really nicely with almond milk and some frozen berries.

20g of Protein and only 10g of Carbs per scoop

I’ve found that the cheapest place to order online is Amazon.  It’s way cheaper than in stores.  There are often coupons too.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


Upton’s has quickly ranked amongst vegan royalty.  Their flavored seitan is totally scrumptious.

15g of Protein and 7g of Carbs, on average

Vegan Essentials offers most of the flavors at a good price and they often have sales/promo codes.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


Good god are these the greatest vegan hot dogs.  Texture, “skin”, density, flavor — all so authentic.  These are a glamping and summer staple.  They pleasantly roast and blister over a campfire.

21g of Protein and only 6g of Carbs each

If you can’t find them locally (try that first cause you’ll likely save a couple dollars), you can order them from Vegan Essentials.  Try to time your purchase when they’re having a sale and/or use a promo code.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


Oh the sausages!!!  Smoked Apple Sage finds its way into my shopping cart every week.  They taste like Autumn and I always put them in our Thanksgiving stuffing.  The house smells so homey and cozy when we’re cooking these.  We also like to slow-cook the Italian sausages in a pot of tomato sauce and eat them on hoagie rolls with peppers and onions.

23-26g of Protein and only 11-12g of Carbs each (depending on flavor choice)

Vegan Essentials carries these too.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


I love a good sandwich and Tofurky slices are my favorite sandwich staples.  I usually buy a few of the “turkey” flavors each week (peppered, oven-roasted and hickory smoked).  Before writing this post, I had no idea they have Roast Beef flavor.  Now I need it!

11-14g of Protein and only 5-7g for five slices

Once again Vegan Essentials is the place to order all seven flavors.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


The most substantial and satisfying vegan burger I’ve had to date.  (I’m eagerly awaiting their upcoming Beyond Burger.)  The texture is chewy, the grill marks are delightful and they even added mesquite and hickory for that authentic grilled flavor.

23g of Protein and only 7g of Carbs per burger

Once again Vegan Essentials to the rescue.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist


These are the most versatile option on the list.  Make a vegan chicken salad, shred into chicken noodle soup, a sandwich, coat with wing sauce, make a pot pie or a caesar salad.  No end to creative uses.  The flavor and texture are so authentically delicious.

20g of Protein and only 3-6g for six strips

You guessed it.  Vegan Essentials has the bags and boxes.

8 Low Carb Vegan Proteins ~ TheDreamyIdealist
(source) (source)


Texture, density, flavor are spot on.  Sometimes we use these to create a gravy on holidays as they produce scrumptious drippings.  Perfect for kabobs, stroganoff, stir-frys and with mashed potatoes.

19g of Protein and only 8g of Carbs per serving

Vegan Essentials it is.

Question of the Day:

Ever try any of these protein sources?

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