Tips for Eating Vegan at the Movies

Summer movie going is a classic American pastime.  It’s a great way to hide from the heat, there are always a lot of movies released with shorter run times and there’s just something fun about descending into a pitch dark theatre when the sun is at the height of it’s power.

The snack bar however can really nose dive all of the exuberance.  Most are dripping with animal products and even things that should be vegan, like soft-pretzels, aren’t a guarantee.  So here’s my list of items that I sneak in via my large purse. (TIP: If you’re a guy, and your theatre is located in a mall, use a shopping bag.)

Tips for Eating Vegan @ the Movies ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Skinny Pop Popcorn

The small bags of Skinny Pop are easier to conceal in bags.  Or you could fill your own container.  They have amazing flavors like White Cheddar and Dark Chocolate…and they’re all vegan!!!

Tips for Eating Vegan @ the Movies ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Go Max Candy Bars

If you miss the classic candy bars you grew up with Go Max has the best substitutes.  They even have clever packaging and names to clue you in which non-vegan bar they have improved upon.

Butterfinger fan? Then get the Thumbs Up bar.  Miss the caramel crunch of Twix?  Then try a 2fer.  My favorite was always the Milky Way, so now I buy Twilight.

Tips for Eating Vegan @ the Movies ~ TheDreamyIdealist

JJ’s Sweets Cocomels

Cocomels are one of the best theatre snacks.  Just thinking about altering between caramels and popcorn has me wanting to check to see what’s playing this weekend.

Tips for Eating Vegan @ the Movies ~ TheDreamyIdealist


Remember M&M’s?  No-Nos are the more delicious vegan alternative.  They even come in peanut butter flavor.

More candy options can be found at and

Tips for Eating Vegan @ the Movies ~ TheDreamyIdealist


I used to love the messy experience of eating chips and queso at the theatre.  The act of balancing the wonky plastic tray on my knee, waiting for a bright scene to aid in my dipping aim, and the gritty salt residue left on my fingers.  So why not take some vegan queso in a jar and a small bag of tortilla chips with you?

Tips for Eating Vegan @ the Movies ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Hot Dogs

Field Roast Frankfurters are the most authentic vegan versions I’ve ever had.  Why not throw one in the toaster oven before you leave the house, pop it in a bun and wrap in foil.  You can grab condiments at the theatre in an “on the side” cup, or add them to a mini-mason jar at home.

What you can buy that’s vegan at most theatres?

Well, Twizzlers are the standard.  Most beverages.  Sometimes the popcorn if you really press them for an ingredients list — the “butter flavored topping” is usually just chemicals and oils.  Sometimes the soft pretzels…again, you’ll need to press for an ingredients list.

Art house/independent small theatres tend to be more veg-friendly, and open to suggestions, than big corporate places.

Question of the Day: What’s the craziest food you’ve snuck into a theatre?

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6 thoughts

  1. Aren’t Twizzlers made of gelatin? I haven’t eaten them in a hundred years, but it seems that they would be the same as gummy bears.


    1. You’d totally think that they have gelatin in them but they surprisingly don’t. They do use white sugar though, so that’s questionable for many. Twizzlers are a popular candy hand out by vegans on Halloween. I’ve personally never liked them, but I’m a dark chocolate junkie.


  2. I was eating fully raw a couple months ago so I snuck in grapes, coconut date rolls and a kombucha!



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