Vegan Ice Cream Treats

I’m highly ritualistic with the seasons.  Summer is for drinking gallons of lemonade, endlessly rewatching Dirty Dancing (did you know you can visit Kellermans and have your own DD themed vacation?!!), road trips, glamping and eating ice cream treats.

Here are some of my favorite cruelty-free/plant-based ice cream yummers.

6 Vegan Ice Cream Treats ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Yours Truly Cones [Tofutti]

From the joy of cracking through the chocolate coating to slowly savoring the chocolate plug at the based of the sugar cone, Yours Truly Cones are the perfect drip-free at home cone.

6 Vegan Ice Cream Treats ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Minis Mocha Almond Fudge Bars [So Delicious]

Laluvlaluvla…just read that again…Mocha…Almond…Fudge!  And…it’s coated in chocolate.  These are basically like eating an orgasm.

Plus they are made of almond milk which makes them safe for the soy-free crowd.  So Delicious has four lines of vegan ice creams.  Almond milk based, Coconut milk based, Cashew milk based and Soy milk based.  There are pints and treats in every category.

6 Vegan Ice Cream Treats ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Minis Organic Fudge Bars [So Delicious]

Remember Fudgesicles?  That’s these, except fudge bars instead, and they’re made from coconut milk.  So Delicious somehow captured the classic spongey, yet solid texture of fudgesicles.

6 Vegan Ice Cream Treats ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Cuties [Tofutti]

Cuties!!! These were my very first vegan ice cream anything back in the late 90’s.  They’re still the perfect little indulgence.  The cookie sticks to your fingers just the right amount, so you get that childhood throwback pleasure of scraping the cookie goo from your fingers, and the ice cream softens and melts just enough so your tongue can go in to chase the occasional rouge drip.

Best part?!? Options.  Besides the traditional chocolate and vanilla, there’s also cookies n’ cream, wild berry, mint chocolate chip and the ultra-coveted vanilla with vanilla cookie.  (I ache to someday find the vanilla on vanilla.)

6 Vegan Ice Cream Treats ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Rice Dream Pies [Dream]

Good god do these live up to the name.  If I could somehow arrange to live exclusively off of Dream Pies, I would.  Chocolate coating – yum!  Gooey soft cookie – yum yum!  Creamy ice cream melting them all together into a flavor explosion – total yummers!

Super cool that they are made from rice milk and that the flavors don’t end at vanilla and mocha.  (Although at this point, mocha is practically my life partner.) They also bless us with mint and chocolate pies.

6 Vegan Ice Cream Treats ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss Bars [Luna & Larry’s]

I’m pretty sure my vegan status would be stripped of me if Luna & Larry’s weren’t somewhere on this list.  Why? Because they are a revolution unto themselves.  The creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had…and I’ve inhaled alot of pints of their Dark Chocolate.

So how cool that they offer that same ice cream in slab form on a stick?  They offer these treats in three other unique flavors.  Cafe Latte, Strawberry Love and Naked Coconut.  I want them all, along with their other treats Salted Caramel in Chocolate and Coconut Almond in Chocolate.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite vegan ice cream treat?

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