Vegan Curly Hair Care

I get a lot of questions about my hair care.  So this post is a long long time coming.  I hope you find it useful.

If you’ve ever read my How to Henna Your Hair post, you know that I have huge curly hair that requires intense conditioning.  Naturally curly hair is dry.  That’s the magic behind the curl.

I started using Giovanni over ten years ago and have been fiercely loyal ever since.  Even if you don’t have curls, one of their vegan/organic/cruelty-free/paraben-free lines will work for your gorgeous tresses.

Shampoo E
^^ I start with the Ultra-Volume Shampoo so that my hair doesn’t get weighed down.  I know it says “for fine, limp hair” and my hair is thick and dense, but I’ve found that using heavy moisturizing products flattens my hair.  The Ultra-Volume does not.
lighter conditioner E
^^ I apply the Ultra-Volume Conditioner to my roots and down the strands, skipping the last two inches of hair.  I don’t drench the hair but I’m careful to go heavy enough where every bit is coated.
Hair Mask E
^^ For the tips, I apply the Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask. Sometimes I’ll add a few drops to the back of my hair too.  My husband also uses this on his beard, which leaves it luxe silky and tames it.  He’s often stopped by random people whom praise is gorgeous beard.
Avo Hair
^^ When my hair starts to feel a bit too dry, or when I’m trying to stretch out time between Henna applications, I alternate with the Ultra-Moist and go very light on my roots.
Leave In E
^^ Obviously, I gently comb conditioner through my hair with a very wide tooth comb and create my part before rinsing. Then I gently squeeze out some water and wrap my hair in a towel. After ten minutes, I gently layer in thin coatings of the Leave-In Conditioning Elixir and scrunch some into the ends. Then I immediately use my hair dryer, on the low heat setting, with a huge bowl diffuser to nearly dry my hair.


^^ Check out my ‘How to Henna Like a Pro‘ post. Henna (with or without color) deep conditions your hair like a mask because it coats your hair strands. This deep conditioning lasts 4-6 weeks.

Not able to find Giovanni in your area?

Try using their store locator or order directly from their site.

What vegan hair products do you use?

Let me know below, so I can try them too.

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