Vegan Fridge Tour

Vegan Fridge Tour ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Before I was vegan, I always used to wonder what was in a vegan’s fridge.  Even as a vegan, I wonder what other vegans have in their fridge.

So here’s your chance to embrace your inner voyeur and peek at what was in mine this week.

Vegan Fridge Tour ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ Tip: We upcycle plastic lettuce bins to keep like items organized together.
Vegan Fridge Tour ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ The clear container in the front is filled with bulk hummus from the deli.
Vegan Fridge Tour ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ The front-left clear container is filled with bulk tofu.

Sorry, I didn’t photograph the crisper bins. They are filled with more produce.

Vegan Fridge Tour ~ TheDreamyIdealist

Vegan Fridge Tour ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ Here’s the freezer. Tip: We line the bottom of the fridge and freezer with cloth napkins to keep it clean longer. It’s much faster to change out a napkin than to scrub.

What’s in your fridge/freezer?

Anything you can recommend that I should buy?

Let me know below!

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8 thoughts

  1. Yay! I love this! You have so many yummy things! 😀 Mine’s packed with lots of cherry tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, lettuce and kale..and lots of frozen bananas for making nice-cream in the freezer! ❤ xxx


  2. Your fridge and freezer are much tidier than mine. Besides my husband’s drawer, my fridge is crowded with many mason jars of overnight oats, pre-cooked rice, homemade hummus, breads, vegetables, and meal prep leftovers. I haven’t found bulk tofu yet, so your location is fortunate.


    1. Hi Nancy, Thanks for sharing what your fridge holds. I just bought a ricecooker so I’m excited to soon join you in also having containers of pre-cooked rice in my fridge. The tofu is my husband’s as he makes a big batch of Tofu Scramble every week. He buys it at our local co-op. We’re very grateful to currently live near a co-op.



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