11 Things I Wish Were Vegan

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan


I often want pancakes but despite watching lots of YouTube pancake tutorials, the process still intimidates me.  Also, #TakesTooLong and #DirtyDishes


C’mon, really!?!  Why don’t these exist yet?  And why aren’t they everywhere?

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan


Dandies and Sweet & Sara, I beg you to make some snowballs.  Oh, and p-l-e-a-s-e use beet juice to dye the coconut shreds pink.  The shockingly pink color is half of the joy.

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan


We almost have a plant-based 1st gentleman, but Hillary isn’t interested and told Colbert that Bill is “not one of those smug vegans”.  We all reared back when we heard that.  Even Michelle’s love of healthy eating didn’t reign in veganism.  #dissapointed


I’m super addicted to my fav YouTubers and, thanks to Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s the only place I encounter commercials anymore.  Still, nothing sucks out the joy more than a sudden ad filled with close-ups of dead animal parts.

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan


That’s it.  I just want a jar of smooth, creamy, rich caramel sauce that I can pour on cupcakes, muffins, waffles, ice cream and other vegan yummers.

And no, like everything else on this list, I don’t want to make it myself because when I do, it comes out weirdly crunchy and separated and not at all the flavor of caramel.

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan


Or at least a vegan section on the menu.  I want to order a big plate of homefries, a bagel smeared with cream cheese, sausage, an omelet loaded with cheese and a latte.  And I don’t want any animals hurt just so I can binge out on a shame pile.  It’s 2016, why isn’t this a thing yet?


As a roadtripper, I’m often at the mercy of highway rest stops for sustenance.  Why can’t they stock some vegan options other than those little bags of nuts and bottled water?

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan
^^ Lisa Simpson thinking it through. (source)


Occasionally, there are vegan characters in movies or shows.  Remember Todd the Vegan, in Scott Pilgrim, with his vegan powers?  There was also Captain East in Austenland…he even had a rescue horse named Sparkles Pancake.  If the petition urging Lisa Simpson to finally go vegan has revealed anything, it’s that we are all feeling underrepresented.

More often vegan characters aren’t taken seriously and are ultimately there for comedic bashing.  Time to flip that.

The Dreamy Idealist ~ 11 Things I Wish Were Vegan


I miss these!  And, I really need some!!!  Can’t Daiya use their Farmhouse blocks to make these?  Field Roast please bless us by making some with Chao.


If everyone were vegan, the world would be a kinder and safer place for animals and humans.

What’s on your vegan dream list?

Let me know, below.

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6 thoughts

  1. Vans Gluten Free Pancakes are vegan and Clifton Roberts and A Breeze Harper are both vegans running under humane party.

    I wish there were vegan cable tv, vegan schools or at least option to have a vegan lunch at school without packing one, vegan frozen jalapeño poppers and vegan lunchables



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