7 Vegan Packing Hacks

I always find it hilarious when characters in movies/shows arrive at a country house/cabin for a week with one small bag.  Really?  How can that hold a week’s worth of clothing and hygiene products?  And where were the groceries hiding that they’re cooking with in the next scene?
7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist
(Screenshots from Frasier and The Cabin in the Woods)
As a micro-dweller and conscious consumer, I want to be intentional with what I pack so I aim to do my best by balancing preparedness with the convenience of packing as minimalist as possible.
Here are some strategies that work for me as a vegan traveller.
7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist

I save space by taking wipes as subs for my usual, at home, products.  They’re perfect to stash in your purse for daily life, but are especially handy when glamping and doing a non-stop drive to a far off destination.  I like to switch up brands and recently tried Savvy Travelers expansive line which is sustainable, biodegradable, never tested on animals and mostly vegan-friendly.

7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist


Hanging makeup/hair product organizers are perfect for keeping your cords/power sticks/etc for devices all together and grouped by device.

Vegan Spring Weather Capsule Wardrobe - The Dreamy Idealist


If you don’t have one in your daily life, at least create one for travel.  Here’s a link to my Pinterest which has five vegan capsule wardrobes that include tips on how to quickly create your own.  If you’re not into Pinterest, you can also visit my Lifestyle page which has the same info.

7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist


A YouTuber that I love introduced me to the joy of the Popsocket.  I had to immediately order my own custom version and gifted one to my BFF.  I drop my phone a lot so it became an instant essential for my life.  It’s easier to take photos/selfies and makes it less awkward to hold.  You can even use Popsocket to mount your phone on your dash or use it as a kickstand to prop up your phone on the hotel’s nightstand.

Popsocket is offering my readers $2 off (here).  So if you plan to order be sure to take advantage of the savings.

7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist


Staying in a place with limited vegan options, but don’t want to pack a suitcase full of food and haul a cooler with you?  If you’re renting a vacation house/apartment/room through Airbnb, TripAdvisor or HomeAway, ask the owner if you can have a package delivered a few days before your arrival.  If they say yes, then order a bunch of vegan food from veganessentials.com and have it there waiting for you.  Then just pop out to the closest store to buy fresh produce to go with it.

7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist


Another option is to eat raw on your trip, or raw-ish.  Everywhere you visit has produce.  So you could use your vacation as an excuse to detox.  I recently got a copy of Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. by Laura Miller, which is a vegan raw-fusion cookbook.  Most recipes are fully raw but some have a few lightly cooked ingredients to make the recipes a bit more practical.

When I want to travel with a cookbook, I go through it before I leave and take pics of the recipes I think I’ll want to use.  Many of Laura’s recipes are also on YouTube.

7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist

7 Vegan Packing Tips - The Dreamy Idealist


Know what you can and can’t live without.  For me, I have huge Merida hair so if I don’t use a hair dryer on it, its four hours before it’s dry.  And I can’t use any hair dryer, it has to be my hair dryer with an enormous bowl diffuser.  I’m okay with this because I’m ultra minimal when it comes to footwear.  I only need one pair of shoes and they are on my feet the whole trip.

What are your vegan travel tips?

Share below so everyone can learn from you too!

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