9 Ways to Get Your Vegan Cheese Fix

We all have cheese emergencies.  Even those of us on the cruelty-free path.  Sometimes you’ve got cravings that only creamy-savory-salty-gooey cheese can quench.

With this list, of vegan options, there’s no need to resort to harming animals.  Get ready for a whole lot ‘a cheese.

Nacho Mom's Vegan Queso

#1 Queso – Grab some tortilla chips and pile on runny gooey vegan queso.

There are loads of vegan queso brands.  Some that I love to guzzle down are Nacho Mom’sParmela Creamery and Let Thy Food.

Miyoko's Creamery

#2 Channel your inner Costanza and bite into a block of cheese – This has become one of my charming habits 😉

We’re so lucky in 2016 to have Daiya Farmhouse Blocks, which mimics the texture of animal-cheese, and when you’re in the mood for a soft, yet flavor-packed savory cheese, fill your tummy with Miyoko’s.

Beanfields Chips

#3 Beanfields – Remember summers eating Doritos and smooshing them into your sandwich?

Your inner child can relive that experience with Beanfields, which are coated with a powdery layer of tongue teasing vegan cheese.


#4 Earth Balance Cheddar Squares – They blow Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips out of the snack aisle.

Cheddar Squares are loaded with authentic cheese flavor, puffed and crisp.  Classic road trip food!  I love taking these on my travels.

vegan pizzas

#5 Frozen Pizza – I can’t tell you how much pure joy I take in telling you that there are an abundance of vegan frozen pizzas with a variety of toppings.

Find Daiya here.  Tofurky, Amy’s and Tofutti are here.

mac and cheese vegan

#6 Mac & Cheese – Looking for the vegan version of Easy Mac?  Go with Earth Balance.  Want something a bit more grown up and home-style?  Daiya is for you.  Annie’s vegan versions just came out–I can’t wait to try them.

No time to boil noodles?  Amy’s has you covered with their frozen vegan Mac & Cheese entrée.

vegan cheddar popcorn

#7 Popcorn – Mmmm…cheesy popcorn.

We vegans get to eat Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Flavor and Skinny Pop White Cheddar Flavor.  Find them here.

Nutritional Yeast

#8 Nutritional Yeast – Cover anything and everything with N. Yeast (aka “Nooch”).  Popcorn, Pasta, salad, mix with some avo and spread on crackers or a sammie.

Added benefit, Nooch is loaded with protein.  1 1/2 tbsp has 8 grams of protein and only 70 calories.

vegan grilled cheese

#9 Grilled or Toasted Cheese/Panini/Cheese Sandwich – Depending on how much time you have and what’s available to you.

All are perfectly delicious vehicles for vegan cheese.



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