How to Make a Vegan Full English Breakfast (Featuring: Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg)

I’m a proud Anglophile.  I’m a total Janeite, obsessed with Karl Pilkington, get my news from The Guardian, love BBC’s YouTube channel Anglophenia and also subscribe to the blog Anglotopia.

My Pinterest is filled with all of the places I need to visit all over the UK and if you saw my Netflix history you’d see such beloved favorites as Call the Midwife, Pulling, Family Tree, Hello Ladies, Downton Abbey, of course The Office, The Ricky Gervais Show, Idiot Abroad, The Moaning of Life, Land Girls, Bletchley Circle, Broadchurch, Great British Ghosts, The Book Club and The Worst Week of My Life.

After decorating the walls of my flat with UK maps, photos, travel prints and even a W.C. sign above the door to the loo, it was time to find a new front for my obsession.  Food.

I’ve long heard of the famous Full English Breakfast (aka ‘The Full English’ or ‘Fry Up’) and we decided to give it a go.  With our cuppas in hand, my husband and I set out to veganize it (best as two Americans could).  I’m pleased to say that we were quite chuffed with the result.

plated full english
Here it is! Our Veganized Full English.
plated full english labeled
For “butter” we used Earth Balance Buttery Spread (soy-free). Forgot to include it in the pic below.
Ingredients for a Vegan Full English
I was dead chuffed to have found a tin of Heinz Beans at our local shop. (Confession: I bought two, just so I could keep one in the pantry. It makes me smile every time I see it.)

Benevolent Bacon with beans and veganegg

I’ve heard that a “true” Full English is very salty and heavy.  Usually reserved for weekends these days.  The vegan version was also quite salty and heavy.  We spent some time lounging about watching the telly after devouring it.

VeganEgg Package

Of course everything was delicious and exciting to indulge in, but it was our first time getting to try the VeganEgg that Follow Your Heart released this past Fall.

Unboxing VeganEgg
Here’s an unboxing collage for you.

Mixing the VeganEgg

Cooking the VeganEgg
The cooking process is really fast. As soon as the batter hits the pan you start mixing it around with a spatula. — It’s really fun!

If you haven’t tried the VeganEgg yet, and can’t find it in your area, you can order it from Vegan Essentials.  We really loved it.  It was so fun to have scrambled “eggs” that weren’t made of tofu, since I have a soy intolerance.

The flavor is very mild and reminded us of oatmeal or instant mashed potatoes, which I love because it’s so versatile.  You can go in any direction.  Make an omelette with vegan cheese, peppers and onions or bake a quiche with spinach and vegan cheese or just add some sea salt, pepper and diced vegan sausage for yummers scrambled eggs.

English Inspired Plate
We couldn’t resist creating an English/American fusion breakfast. We swapped out toast for a crumpet. (I’m obsessed with crumpets.) We also skipped the mushrooms, beans and tomato for a sub-in of two hashbrown patties. Then we loaded the eggs with vegan cheese. Sooooo good!

Here’s a video from Anglophenia showing how to make a traditional Full English. (WARNING: Video contains images of animal products being cooked.)




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4 thoughts

  1. hey your vegan brekkie looks wonderful! I am a vegan Brit myself, and I must say if you do ever come to visit our green and pleasant island you must pay the city of Bristol a visit. We have so many vegan eateries now it’s unreal, we even have a proper English pub with an all vegan menu- including Haggis, macaroni cheese, and even fish-finger sarnies! You can get a Vegan Sunday roast in loads of places now, and a vegan full English breakfast… it’s bloody brilliant!



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