Veganize Your Bed

Keep warm and snuggly in vegan bedding.


Say no to down and feathers.  Instead choose memory foam, or a synthetic fiber fill, for a cruelty-free alternative.

We have these on our bed and bought them from Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Same deal.  Save the birds from pain and torture by skipping down and feathers.  Instead look for a polyester fill.

My current obsession is throw pillows by Threshold. Threshold is a high quality, and aesthetically pleasing, brand sold at low prices. Find them at Target.

Vegan Toss Pillows
I have both of these on my couch.  Find the blue ones here and the cream here.

I love my Paisley Threshold bedroom toss pillows.  Here they are.


Only sheep need wool. (Obviously, skip fur.)  Go for cotton, acrylic and other synthetics.

Love the cable-knit sweater blanket look?  Me too!  Mine is from Potterybarn.  Sadly they are sold out.  Similar here in acrylic.  If, like me, you’re more into 100% cotton, I also love these and these from Overstock.

Plaid is always a timeless choice. I love how dreamy looking this one is from Overstock.


There are so many alternatives to wool when it comes to blankets.  Try a waffle weave/cotton thermal blanket like the one below from Overstock.  Microfleece is super warm.  Try this one also from Overstock.



Trade in silk for luxurious brushed cotton flannel.

LL Bean’s Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheets have a velvety smooth finish and are made with the highest of standards in Portugal.

Vermont Country Store also offers Portugese flannel.

Lands End has Oeko-Tex certified flannel.

In the warmer months, go for Pima Cotton sheets since they are so soft and luxurious.

I usually find mine at TJ Maxx/Home Goods/Marshall’s at a deep discount. (I once found 1000 thread count king size sheets for $40 at TJ Maxx…I know, amazing!)


Ducks and Geese are kept in disgusting and inhumane conditions.  They suffer horrible terror and pain when their feathers are pulled from their bodies without painkillers or anesthesia.

Saving them is so simple.  Don’t buy products made with their body parts.  The options below are warm, cozy and light weight.

LL Bean has an amazing selection of Primaloft at varying degrees of warmth.  They even have those little tabs sewn in the corners.  Their amazing covers have corresponding strings so you’ll never have a bunched up duvet.

Pureloft by Lands End comes in a variety of prints so you could skip a cover if you’d like.

Hampton Inn seems like an unlikely place to shop for bedding, but that’s only to people who haven’t enjoyed the great pleasure of a Hampton Clean bed.  My husband surprised me with one of their comforters this past Christmas.  Here’s a link to their shop where they have frequent 30% off sales.


Non-toxic laundry soap is a must!  We exclusively use Ecos 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent, which is primarily made of coconuts and other plant sources.  Ecos proudly promises, “We will never test on animals or use animal ingredients. We will conduct business in a socially responsible manner that safeguards the earth.”

Ecos Toxin Free Laundry Soap
I’m partial to the Lemongrass scent. Buying the concentrate also means using less plastic.


I love my vintage dresser (circa 1920). I bought it years ago at a flea market for $17.
I rewired this antique lamp and gave it a modern shade to coordinate with the quatrefoil rugs.

I love how flooded with light our bedroom is. Feels ethereal.

*The Stars Hollow and Downton Abbey prints are by Window Shop Gal, an artist, whom sells her work on Etsy.  Her prints are high quality, come in a variety of sizes and are reasonably priced.



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cleaning cover

intimates capsule cover 2

One thought

  1. Hi, thanks for this.
    We use second-hand down comforters and feather pillows(actually ones that were being thrown out). We believe it’s more respectful of the animals to make sure the things are used rather than discarded. Of course, don’t buy new!



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