How to Find Vegan Winter Boots

Keep your toes dry and snuggly in vegan winter boots.

As with all vegan items, two categories exist.  There are those that are intentionally vegan, and often certified as such, and there are those that happen to be vegan.

Below you will find everything you need to know when shopping for vegan winter boots.


There are a lot of winter boots out there that just happen to be vegan.  Spend some time on various companies’ websites looking over their selection.  Most will have a break down like you see below.

Terms to Look For:

~ Man Made Materials, Faux, Synthetic

~ Polyurethane, Rubber, Acrylic, Nylon

~ Microsuede, Microfleece

~ Vegan-Friendly

~ Textile, Cloth, Fabric

Avoid Listings With:

~ Leather, Suede, Nubuck, Calf-Skin, and other euphemisms for animal’s skin

~ Fur (only faux-fur is vegan), Coyote, Rabbit/Angora and other animal names

~ Down/Feathers (rare in footwear but occasionally used for insulation)

~ Wool, Felt (usually made of wool, but sometimes acrylic)

~ Silk (rare on shoes but worth listing)

Be Sure To:

~ Read the materials listed for the upper, lower, insole and outsole.  Some companies list multiple parts of the shoe, breaking it down even further. (ex: midsole, calf, tabs, gussets, collar, cushion, etc.)

~ There have been recent exposes on companies claiming to use faux fur, only to be discovered that they are using real fur.

~ Animals are being factory farmed and viciously killed at high rates these days and their tortured bodies are being sold inexpensively.  So it isn’t far fetched for inexpensive brands to mass produce fast fashion pieces with animal parts.  So be vigilant and remember that if something seems too real, it might just be.

~ I often read the reviews to see if anyone mentions receiving an item that wasn’t vegan even though the website claimed/implied it was.

~ When you find a boot to order, double check it on a few other websites to make sure the materials are vegan.  Some sites like Amazon, often do not list all of the materials.

~ Always check the return policy, just in case you discover upon arrival that they aren’t vegan after all.

~ Remember that you can only tell so much online.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Just send them back and order a different pair.

~ See if carries the boot you’ve selected.  They post short videos with further info about the shoe/boot and provide a closer look from a variety of angles.

PicMonkey Collage

~Look for the styles above^^^

~ Insulated fabric tops, rubber bottoms, cinch collars and tightening straps for
custom fit.  These are usually vegan, although some companies may use leather tabs, or glues containing animal products.  If you have a concern about glue, you can always, email the seller’s customer service to be certain. (Sorel and Columbia have confirmed with us that they use glue containing animal products.)

~ In warmer climates you can often wear rain boots with full fleece liners.  If you opt this way, be sure to get a pair with rugged tread so you have traction on slippery surfaces.




Arctic – Water-resistant, synthetic leather, comes in three colors, partially recycled outsole, super cute and priced around $170

Avalanche – Great stitching and lacing details, partially recycled outsole, fully lined, fold over collar and priced around $130


Avery – The partially-recycled rubber outsole is made by Jeep so you know traction will be great, microsuede, toe bumper that compares to Keen, faux fur lining and prices around $80.



Chestnut – The partially-recycled rubber outsole is made by Jeep so you know traction will be great, toe bumper that compares to Keen, faux fur lining and prices around $70.


Duchess – The partially-recycled rubber outsole is made by Jeep so you know traction will be great, toe bumper that compares to Keen, faux fur lining and prices around $80.


Ice Patrol – These boots have built-in ice grippers (similar to Pajar) for slippery conditions and are sized large so thick socks can be worn comfortably.  Priced around $150


Patagonia Activist Puff High Waterproof – Partially constructed of recycled materials, waterproof (despite appearances), aggressive tread and priced around $150


Winter Casual Boot – Handcrafted for comfort and intended as a work boot.  Prices around $55

I love that Native does not assign gender to their footwear.  They only divide their offerings by “Adult” and “Kids”.


Native marks all of their vegan offerings with the above label.


Jimmy – If you love the LL Bean look, these are the waterproof shoes for you.  Priced around $90


coats 2


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