Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary Tour

(10-12-13) FS-007Farm Sanctuary is a safe and loving home for former victims of the non-vegan food industry.  A place for humans to meet lovely souls learning to trust again, while recovering from Post Traumatic Stress, after experiencing and witnessing nightmarish cruelty.

Beautiful sentient beings living a kind life surrounded by compassionate people committed to a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.

(10-12-13) FS-060

The sanctuary is designed to resemble a charming little storybook farm with red barns dotting the hillside.


In addition to rescue efforts they also focus on legislative work and educating the public.

(10-12-13) FS-005I spend so much time being upset about the torture animals considered to be food go through, that it felt good to meet a few whom have escaped.

99% of all animals raised/killed for consumption come from factory farming which is part of agribusiness (giant corporate farms).  This cruel torture was created by capitalists in the 1950s and is completely barbaric.

(10-12-13) FS-027More than 150 billion animals are killed every year because many humans decide to eat them.  I can’t even wrap my head around a number like 150 billion.

Meanwhile, everyone knows how unhealthy and dangerous eating flesh is.  Plant based diets are constantly being praised and everyday people are making the switch to a more compassionate way of life.  More compassionate for themselves and for the animals.

(10-12-13) FS-025One of my favorite things to see is cows resting in a treeline.  It’s a rare sight as even the nearly obsolete family farms (less than 1% of agriculture) rarely provide more than a barn and a clear cut field where cows have little to no protection from the elements.

DSCN6969Chickens have always been one of my favorite animals.  I could sit and watch chickens for hours.  They have such unique interactions with their environments.  They are curious and cute little creatures.

We enjoyed watching these ladies dust bathing.  In factory farms chickens never see daylight, their feet become disfigured from the wire of the tiny cages they are trapped in, they are covered with the waste of the birds above them and suffer greatly from depression.

DSCN6972Whenever I’m on an elevator with other people I start to feel anxious.  As more people get on my anxiety rises and I fear that the elevator will break down, trapping us.

Now imagine being trapped in a packed elevator for your entire life.  Full of feces, stress, violence, fear, pain, anxiety, emotions.

DSCN6964Now imagine it is always pitch black, louder than you’ve ever imagined, the smell would be unthinkable and often your cell mates die from the horrible conditions but their bodies aren’t removed.

Right now billions of animals are going through this but keep in mind I’m giving you the tamest version of this tale.


(10-12-13) FS-035This is how pigs should live.  Pigs are highly intelligent clean animals with skin like ours.  Besides being killed for unnecessary consumption, they are also victimized by medical universities.

In colleges and universities across the country, students practice face-lifts on their backs so that rich women can pretend they are young.  Pigs have such sensitive skin that they can not be exposed to too much sun without sunscreen or mud to protect them.(10-12-13) FS-048

My favorite thing about our visit to Farm Sanctuary was seeing my gorgeous husband loving up animals.  There is nothing sexier than a compassionate vegan man.

josh at farm sanctuary

DSCN6971Farm Sanctuary offers exciting traditions to include in your Vegan Thanksgiving, such as:


If you have more time than we did, you could stay overnight in one of their B & B cabins.

DSCN6916They also have a gift shop.


DSCN6928I love vegan kids!  Children are naturally filled with compassion, as society hasn’t yet had the opportunity to make them jaded.  These books encourage compassion and consciousness.





Farm Sanctuary has three shelters for you to visit.

Watkins Glen, NY Shelter

Orland, CA Shelter

Los Angeles, CA Shelter

(photography by CA Moss & Nancy Andrews)

white deer cover

catskill cover 2

allie cover


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