6 Classic Vegan Christmas Food Gifts…you can send online

Every holiday season as I sit, so cozy-like under a sweater blanket with a cup of cocoa, gleefully turning the pages of the Christmas catalogs that have somehow stampeded to my house, I’m inevitably disappointed by the edibles sections.  There on the glossy pages, amongst festive cotton totes,  tins and baskets rarely is a cruelty-free item found.  Even the pancake mixes featuring wild-crafted Maine blueberries usually contain whey or casein or another dairy euphemism.

Of course Vermont Maple Syrup is what the rivers in heaven flow with and ordering Royal Riviera Pears from Harry & David is a special treat, but it’s not the same as ordering a cheese sampler to gift to far-away relatives.  So this year I’ve compiled a list of websites so you can veganize the holiday food gift-giving experience.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Vegan Christmas Food Gifts ~ Duchess Of Vegan
^^ Small batch coffees, roasted nuts, maple syrup and fruit are an option if you’d like to order from traditional catalogs.
Vegan Christmas Food Gifts ~ Duchess Of Vegan
^^ The best donuts and fritters I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.  A full dozen with frosting costs $15. A wonderful gift to send to friends and family or to order for Christmas morning. They also freeze very well.

Fresh Baked Goods

I recently ordered Donuts and Apple Fritters from Larsen Bakery, located in Racine, Wisconsin, via the Vegan Essentials website (think…Vegan Amazon).  If you follow me on Instagram you saw my obsession as it was unfolding.  I still have some in my freezer that I’m attempting to save for enjoying closer to Christmas.  Fluffy, fragrant and mouthwatering with thick creamy frosting that can be melted into a glaze.

French Macarons are just as popular on social platforms right now as donuts.  I’ve been posting pics of these delicate delicious treats on my Instagram all week.  Such a refined gift for someone on your list to receive via mail or in their stocking.

Vegan Christmas Food Gifts ~ Duchess Of Vegan
^^ So lovely and cruelty-free.

Donuts, Fritters, Macarons and more available here

Gift Baskets/Snack Boxes

A classic holiday edible gift is the assorted gift basket.  Pangea offers several themed baskets and Happy Healthy Gifts offers assortments of healthier options along with fresh fruits.

You may also want to consider sending a subscription style snack box.  Many companies, such as Healthy Surprise, allow you to send just one box as a gift.  I’ve also tried Vegan Cuts which offers a variety of one-time boxes for gifting. (here and here)


Anytime someone wants to send me chocolates I’m over the moon, so of course they are a favorite of mine for gifting too.  Better still, there are loads of vegan versions of this Christmas classic.  Vegan Cuts has an assorted box of truffles. (here)  Vegan Essentials has a plethora, including cookie truffles.  (here)

Then there is the famed Lagusta’s Luscious which is basically where I want to go when I die.  It is chocolate emporium heaven. (here)

Vegan Christmas Food Gifts ~ Duchess Of Vegan
^^ The Large Caramel Assortment from Lagusta’s Luscious. (via)

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